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Jun. 10th, 2020 | 02:44 pm

Better Off As Lovers (set after "A Very Glee Christmas")
Things haven't been quite the same between Brittany and Santana since the duets incident - when Santana chose Mercedes over Brittany for a glee assignment to avoid being seen as gay. Their friendship has been a bit awkward and stilted, especially with the addition of Artie as Brittany's new boyfriend. Once Christmas comes around, their annual tradition of baking Christmas cookies together (something they've done together since they were kids) leads to a reconciliation.

However, there's still Artie to deal with. Though Brittany hates to hurt him, she knows that her heart truly belongs to Santana and confesses to Artie that she cheated on him over Christmas vacation. Now, Brittany and Santana can really have a fresh shot at a relationship. Come September 1st 2011, they've been together for 8 months and are going strong.

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