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Brittany S. Pierce

i've built my life around you

Brittany is your stereotypical 'dumb blonde' cheerleader. Though she's truly anything but 'typical'. While she tends to say and do monumentally stupid things, she also seems to have a good heart and a kindness her fellow cheerleaders don't have. Known sometimes as 'the nice Cheerio', Brittany tends to befriend and like just about everyone. Seemingly promiscuous, it's been stated by Brittany herself that she's made out with pretty much everyone in the school, including the janitor. Later, it's revealed that she not only makes out with, but probably sleeps with them as well. Very childlike in a lot of ways, Brittany still believes in Santa Claus and talks to her Barbie and Ken dolls, even giving them a bed to sleep in and when an Irish foreign exchange student comes to Lima, living with her family, she truly believes he's a leprechaun and has him granting her wishes. Mostly in the background, Brittany only started to shine when, while under sedation at the dentist's office and thanks to a vivid Britney Spears fantasy, she discovered that she was 'more talented than anyone in Glee club'. This has led to a few more opportunities to shine, having been, with Mike Chang, the dancing focus of the Sectionals competition and performing her much desired Ke$ha number. Brittany didn't initially seem to 'date' as much as 'hook up' with people, though there seemed to be a soft spot for her best friend, and fellow Cheerio and Glee Club member, Santana Lopez. Her first official relationship (outside of a short-lived, mostly fake one with Kurt Hummel) was with Artie Abrams. The two of them were together for some time, though all the while she seemed to have been still having a sexual relationship with Santana, who'd convinced her it wasn't cheating, since the "plumbing was different". As Artie figured this out and confronted her about it, Brittany, in her innocent (almost childlike) beliefs, explained why it wasn't cheating, which prompted Artie to call her stupid. This is something Brittany is very sensitive about and something that ultimately led to their break up. Despite Artie's efforts to get her back, she wouldn't budge on this and the two never did reconcile. Though they did resume their friendship and are on seemingly good terms. Senior year has found Brittany running for and winning Senior Class President. Something that Santana encouraged her to do, when her efforts to help Kurt failed. With Santana finally becoming secure with and no longer hiding her true sexual orientation, Brittany is now in a full fledged relationship with her and couldn't be happier.

Disclaimer: This is a character page for Brittany S. Pierce from the TV series Glee. It is in no way affiliated with FOX, Glee, or Heather Morris.

Both muse and mun are 18 and over.

For muse comms such as sixwordstories, Brittany is updated to the current canon episode unless otherwise stated.

For hearts_andminds: Brittany enters the village after episode 3x13 "Heart".

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